Card Renewal

If you are renewing multiple cards please provide their first and last name below:

Has your address, email, phone, or mobile carrier (if you prefer text notifications) changed within the last year?

If yes please enter your new information so we can update our records.

Privacy Statement

The personal information collected above is used to provide you with library services at participating member libraries of TRAC and The Alberta Library. It may be shared with these libraries to verify membership, collect fines or debts owing, provide information about library services, and for statistical purposes. It is collected under the authority of Section 32 of the Freedom of Information and Protection of Privacy Act and is protected under this act. If you have any questions on disclosure or use of this information, please ask the library manager.



Please be aware of the following: 

  1. Loss of card or change of address must be reported to library staff
  2. Privileges extended with this card may be revoked for cause
  3. This card is not transferable
  4. The cardholder is responsible for all materials borrowed with the card and will abide by the rules and regulations of the library at which this card is used
  5. Parents or guardians are responsible for children under 18 years of age