LinkedIn Learning

Want to learn new digital skills? They're just a few clicks away with your library card!

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STEP 2 - View the information below on how to access LinkedIn Learning

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5 reasons why you should develop digital skills

  1. They prepare you for today's job market
  2. They give you new ways to participate in your community
  3. They teach you how to find accurate and reliable information
  4. They prepare you for lifelong learning
  5. They offer foundational knowledge to help you work more efficiently

What are some courses available through LinkedIn?

  • Job Searching
  • Career Development
  • Small Business Management
  • Website Building
  • Photoshop
  • Photo Compositing
  • Microsoft Office
  • Cloud Services
  • Artificial Intelligence

This is just a small sample of the courses available to you - try LinkedIn Learning today!

Need Help?

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