Plan of Service

Service Plan Development

To develop the service plan library trustees followed the Strategic Planning for Results model as recommended by Alberta’s Public Library Services Branch. This model recommends that Library service respond to local needs identified by community stakeholders. Library trustees evaluated the service priorities chosen by our stakeholders and identified goals and objectives the library could take on to meet these needs. The goals are as follows:

Mission Statement

We connect our community by providing and promoting library and information resources in a welcoming and accessible public space.

Know Your Community

People looking to connect will become more aware of what the community has to offer. The library will invest in programs and services that connect users with community resources

  • By 2022, 900 quick reference queries will be recorded relevant to community knowledge - With an 8% reduction annually until 2025
  • By 2022, 4800 library website sessions will be recorded. With a 10% annual growth target until 2025

The library will participate in advocacy and promotion sessions. The library will present content on community services and organizations.

Support and Enhance Local Sustainability

The library is committed to providing access and resources to the builders and innovators of Vermilion to achieve their community goals.

  • 80% of participants in local sustainability programs will indicate by survey that their knowledge increased as a result of attending by 2025
  • By 2025 80% of users will indicate by survey that staff are knowledgeable about where to refer people in need of enterprise and nonprofit help
  • By 2025, 50 attendees will participate annually in enterprise and nonprofit programs at the library
  • 80% of local enterprises and organizations using the library volunteer database will indicate by survey by 2025 that this service is beneficial to them

The library will partner with related local organizations to maintain a website on local grant and funding resources. The library will appoint an ideas hub and develop application-ready grant proposals.

Foster and Satisfy Curiosity

Develop and foster a community of curious individuals by providing access to lifelong learning, new experiences, and diverse ideas.

  • 20 exhibits, displays, talks, and creative pursuits that showcase lifelong learning will be offered per year until 2025
  • A majority of users will indicate by survey that we offer the tools and resources they need for lifelong learning by 2025
  • The library will facilitate 8 networking opportunities for a community of curious individuals per year until 2025

The library will increase accessibility to collections relevant to lifelong learning.

Connect to the Digital World

We connect Vermilion and area residents to the outside world by providing training, resources, and technology to pursue their interests.

  • 200 users per year will participate in casual technology encounters per year until 2025
  • By 2025 the library will expand the equipment collection by 3 emerging technology items per year for loan to the public
  • By 2025 a majority of users will indicate by survey that the conference room/basement meet their audio and visual technology needs

The library will identify priority services as desired by patrons for 24/7 access. The library will conduct a feasibility/pilot project for 24/7 library access.

Create and Nurture New Readers

The library is committed to developing readers for life through partnering with key stakeholders to provide opportunities to encounter literacy at any age.

  • By 2025 a majority of parents who attend preschool programs will indicate that our programs help prepare their children for school
  • By 2025, 20 kids per week will participate in an early literacy program at the library

Continue to offer partner programs with other agencies and provide outreach services. Partner with organizations that serve newcomers to encourage literacy at any age.