Local History

Local Genealogy Inquiries at Vermilion Public Library

We at the Vermilion Public Library are pleased to try and help you in your genealogical search. We welcome any inquiries into families, organizations and businesses which have lived or served in or around Vermilion. For a more detailed look at our services, or where you may find what you are looking for, please read below.

Cemetery Records

Please contact the Town of Vermilion Office (780-853-5358). They carry the records only for the Public, Catholic and Ukrainian Catholic cemeteries of Vermilion, but have a list of contacts for many of the small, county cemeteries.

Microfilm Searching for Obituaries, etc.

We do not charge to look up information on our microfilm, but require at least a month and year of the event or searching becomes too time-consuming for us. (In some cases we may be able to call on a volunteer to do more extensive searching.) We do not have a microfilm printer but will take a picture of an article and email it to you if desired.

We have copies of the following newspapers on microfilm:

The Vermilion Standard (our local newspaper)       

1906-August, 2005 (digital CDs from September, 2005-2010)

The Vermilion Signal (the Standards predecessor)

March 1, 1906 – February 27, 1908

The Link (other local paper)  


The Manville Empire (other local paper)   

January 1923

Local History Book Searching

Vermilion Public Library is home to many local history books which encompass the areas of Township 38-61and Range 1-13. We do basic scanning/searching of our books for no charge, and will scan and email pages to you if desired. Detailed reading of books for names, organizations, etc. is not normally done, but you are welcome to come and read our books in the library.

Funeral Records

Crossroads Funeral Chapel (780-853-6343) has all the funeral records which they themselves have done since opening in 1997. Lakeland Funeral Home (780-853-5100) carries online obituaries going back about one year, and death records since opening around 1990; for death records more than 30 years old contact McCaw’s Funeral Home in Lloydminster.


The Vermilion Heritage Museum (780-853-6211) is home to many local area history books as well, and may be able to help you in your search. It is open from the May long weekend to the September long weekend or by appointment. Other nearby museums include the Morrison Museum Country School in Islay and the Dewberry Valley Museum.