Meeting Room

The meeting room is available during operating hours. When not booked, this small space is publicly accessible. Please find our formal meeting room policy below. Bookings are taken under the following terms:

  • This space is available for walk-ins and reservations up to 2 hours, with an exception for proctored exams
  • There is no fee to use the room
  • Staff may need to enter the room to access storage periodically
  • The meeting room will be vacated 15 minutes prior to closing
  • A reservation will be canceled if the user is 15 minutes late

Meeting Room Policy

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Basement Facility

The basement may be rented at any time. This space is not normally considered publicly accessible unless reserved. Our formal basement policy can be found below. Please be advised that:

  • This space is available for $25 per hour up to a daily max of $125
  • Payment must be received before reservations are taken
  • There is normally seating 20 chairs, but we can accommodate up to 75
  • Capacity is 90 people seated
  • A projector, whiteboard and podium are available
  • Renters must fill out a VPL Facility Rental Form
  • Those booking the basement after hours must get an after hours key

Library Basement Policy

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