Community Seed Swap Event

Community Seed Swap Event - Saturday, May 14 @ 1pm

Join us Saturday May 14, listen to an expert chat about seeds and seed saving, get some hands-on practice planting a seed tray, and then join in a community seed swap!


Ash Morrow, owner of a small-scale seed company and seed steward for a collective called "The Northern Seed Library” (30-45 min).

Ash will tell us a bit about her business and her background, how she became interested in seeds and seed saving. She will include information about the Northern Seed Library and share some tips on growing and saving seeds.

Grower's Blend ( a small-scale seed company owned and operated by seed steward Ash, her husband, and their two small children. They tend and care for 4 acres of growing space in rural Alberta (Morinville). The business focuses on sustainably grown garden seeds, heirloom and open-pollinated varieties grown on the Canadian prairies.

Northern Seed Library ( a community of Northern Canadian gardeners who are passionate about preserving seed biodiversity and freely grow/share seeds that are adapted to cold climate growing.

Seed/Plant Swap

Connect with other gardeners, try some new seed varieties, share some of your tried & true favourites, and save money.

How the seed swap works:

Swappers receive tokens for the number of items they bring (up to 10 tokens).

All items are added to seed-swap table(s) hosted by volunteers.

Swappers are welcome to mingle with other gardeners and use their tokens to trade for items they would like to try.

Any leftover seeds will be available at the end of the swap for anyone, including new gardeners who have nothing to trade but who would like to start connecting with the local gardening community. So bring some extra items to the swap.

What can I bring?

  • Vegetable or ornamental seeds
  • Seeds that you bought this year
  • Seeds you’ve saved**
  • Extra plants you started from seed
  • Bulbs, tubers, cuttings

**NOTE: If you are bringing saved seeds, they should only be from heirloom varieties. While there are many wonderful hybrid plants out there, they simply will not grow true from seed you saved. To ensure viability of saved seeds, please bring seeds that are no more than 2 years old.


The library has paper seed envelopes for pick-up but you are welcome to use your own packaging. Please organize and label everything you bring with you, the variety, include some basic growing information and if possible, bring in the original packaging or a few pictures.

How many seeds/pkg?

Make sure you include enough seeds in each packet to ensure a decent harvest. 6-12 tomato or pepper seeds for example, but for a crop like corn or beans, it makes more sense to include at least 20.