A Taste of Vermilion - Chalk Art Contest

Stop by the library on June 26th from 4-7pm and decorate the library sidewalk with beautiful Chalk Art.

Kids ages 5-13 even have a chance to win a prize!*

*Sidewalk Art can be entered into the contest by taking a photo and sending it to: programs@vplibrary.ca.

Rules & Guidelines:

  • Eligibility – All ages are welcome to participate in the sidewalk chalk activity at vermilion public library. YOU DO NOT NEED TO ENTER THE CONTEST TO PARTICIPATE IN THE SIDEWALK CHALK ACTIVITY. Kids age 5-13 or child-parent/teen/family teams are welcome to enter the library chalk art contest and have a chance to win a bookbag of swag.
  • Chalk will be provided – advanced sidewalk chalk artists are asked to bring their own chalks/charcoals/pastels from home
  • To enter into the contest, email a photo of your chalk art along with your name (or group/team name) to programs@vplibrary.ca. Include if you would like your submission to be entered into the NLLS Summer Program chalk art contest taking place July 1 – July 28
  • To enter a submission in person, contact Library staff, who can then take a photo of your work and record your name and contact information (phone number or email) and if you would want your submission entered into the NLLS Summer Program chalk art contest)
  • Submissions will only be accepted for the day of June 26th.
  • This is a family event. Artwork containing nudity, profanity, or content deemed inappropriate will be removed and the artist disqualified.