Fee Schedule

Annual Borrower's Card Fees

Patrons may use the public area, consult resources, or use public computers at no charge. To borrow material and access electronic resources we charge an annual fee to issue a borrower's card.

  • Family Cards  $20.00 per year
  • Adult (18+)   $15.00 per year
  • Youth (0-17)    $5.00 per year
  • Non-Resident  $75.00 per year

Overdue Fees Daily Rate

Items are lent for various loan periods depending on format. Any material returned after the due date is subject to overdue fees. In order to accommodate our quarantine procedures, a grace period of 48 hours is offered on calculating late fees.

  • Printed Material         $0.25 per day
  • Audiovisual Material   $1.00 per day
  • Equipment & Games   $1.00 per day

Print, Scan and Faxing

The library aims to offer as affordable printing services. The library may refuse bulk jobs >50 pages best suited to commercial printings or labour intensive scanning jobs.

  • No charge for less then 15 pages total BW
  • $0.25 charge for between 15-25 total pages BW
  • $0.50 charge for between 26-50 total pages BW
  • $0.25 per page Colour
  • No charge for scanning
  • No charge for faxing

Facility Rental and Exam Proctoring

The library offers two meeting spaces. Only the basement is available after hours. All exams must include a meeting space bookings

  • Basement rental $25 per hour, to a daily max of $125
  • No charge for meeting room reservations
  • No charge for exam proctoring